Tuesday, August 12, 2014

First day of school!!!

Today was Donovan's first day of kindergarten. To say he was excited is an understatement. He barely ate any of his breakfast because he was "too excited" and he spent a couple minutes before the bus picked him up running laps around our front yard to "get his energy out". Here are the obligatory pictures he let us take.

When the bus came he was so excited to get on he almost couldn't spare the time to give me a kiss goodbye.

And for everyone who wants to know, I didn't cry!!! I got a little teary when I drove past his school with Reese on the way to drop her off and she said, "Mom, look! That's Dono's school!".

He will be riding the bus every morning and riding home twice a week. The other days he is staying in the after school program. Today when I picked him up he was crowded around the lego table with a bunch of other kids, looking like he was having a blast. The after school teacher told me he was quite the sports nut, as he did really well playing kickball and even held his own with the older boys. He told me he almost hit a "home run". Donovan reported he had a great day at school. Told me he met a girl named Mickalya, and spoke about her a couple times so it looks like he already made a friend (they sit right next to each other in his class). He did tell me two areas of "bad news" as he likes to call anything that happens that he doesn't like, 1) Was that one of the boys in the after school program told him he wasn't good at building legos 2) And the second that a kid stuck his tongue out and blew raspberries at him and unzipped his back pack. He was not too phased by either so I was happy with that. I asked him if the good outweighed the bad today and he said, "Oh yeah!". As I laid in bed with him tonight I told him how I was happy he had a great first day and he said, "I always do!" Turns out I worried for nothing :)

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