Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 3rd-Best day ever!

Friday both Tom and his friend John had the day off so we decided to go down to his house in South City and hang out with John, his wife Emily and their son Ian, who is 3 days younger than Donovan. It was a beautiful day and we took full advantage of it! We packed up the boys and walked down to a deli and started the day off with some lunch on the patio of the deli. In a shocking turn of events, both Donovan and Ian slept in their strollers and allowed all of us adults to eat, get this, AT THE SAME TIME! A rarity around these parts. After that we walked to the park and spent a couple hours hanging out and talking on some blankets, while the husbands played catch. Donovan and Ian really liked being outside in the shade and spent a lot of time looking at the trees and kicking around. After that we walked to Ted Drews and got some dessert, again both bambinos slept while we ate, it was amazing! We trekked it back to John and Emily's after that as we were very pooped, packed up and headed home. It was such the perfect day! Then that night we hung out with the neighbors and their kids in our neighbor's driveway and watched the firework display that our neighborhood puts on, which was awesome! By the end of the night we were so exhausted but in the best way! Donovan was so well behaved all day and wasn't that fussy, and we got lots of exercise and enjoyed a beautiful St Louis day with good friends. It does not get much better than that!

Trying out the shades in the car on the way to our playdate.

Ian and Donovan hanging out on the blanket in the park.

Best buds checking out those trees together.

Ian playing with his caterpillar.

Donovan in a trance, checking out the trees.

Ian and his mommy (Emily).

John playing catch.

Tom following through with a throw.

Donovan and his biggest fan (me).

Giving my little man some love.

Happy Donovan!

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  1. Great pictures of Donovan and mom! I think the "perfect smile" was captured in the last photograph!