Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random factoid

Today Donovan turned 20 months old and I was exactly 20 weeks pregnant. Isn't that weird?

Donovan celebrated by screaming/crying from 12:30am-2:30am unless being held by myself of Tom. We both rocked him back to sleep only to have him wake back up and scream all over again. Then we let him scream it out, for an hour, at which point I picked him up and rocked him again. Each time he settled down as soon as we picked him up. Finally after rocking him asleep the third total time, I walked back to our room, got half way there and heard screaming. So guess who slept in our bed last night, between Tom and I? Yes, Mr. Donovan. I slept great but Tom woke up twice, once with Donovan's foot down the back of his shorts and another with Donovan's leg over his face. Donovan gets his weird sleep habits from his dad so serves him right. I have woken up with Tom's leg over my chest before so he deserves some payback. Of the 20 month old kind apparently.

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