Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thank you note

I was going to send someone a thank you note with some pictures but after taking the pictures I decided they were too cute not to share with everyone. So now everyone gets to see my digital thank you note. Here goes:

Dear Aunt Sandy, Uncle Ed and Cousin Alex:

Thank you so much for the recent package for Donovan. We love the kid size hockey gloves and helmet! He has a little while to grow in them but we are having a great time playing with them already. Donovan loves to put the helmet on and then say "Aaachooo!" and pretend to sneeze and try to knock the helmet off. It is heavier than the usual things he tries to sneeze off his head but it is fun none-the-less. We also want to thank you for the Theodore the tugboat boats that you gave us a while back. We put them in storage after you gave them to us until he was old enough and we were in need of some new toys. A couple days ago that was the case so we broke them out and he loves them too! He loves to play with the submarine especially. I told him it was "Squishy" and now he laughs and says "squik-eee" all the time when he wants to play with the boats. We owe you lots of thanks for all the fun stuff you have sent to us or given to us. It has kept us all quite busy and happy. Hope you enjoy the pictures. We had a photo shoot tonight just so you could see how happy his new hockey stuff made him. Thanks for always thinking of us!

Love, Ellen, Tom and Donovan

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