Sunday, February 13, 2011

Zoo day

Today's high temps were in the mid to upper 50s so we planned a zoo day with some of our friends and their chilrens. It felt great to get out of the house and enjoy the day outside. And since we have to schedule our day around naps, we got to the zoo early enough to beat the rush we saw as we were heading home. Donovan's favorite part was playing in the children's zoo where he got to pet goats, guinea pigs, play in a car, a boat and a fake kitchen as well as in a sand play table. We spent at least 45 min running all around in there and it was great. His other favorite part was that he got to hang out with his main man, his BFF, "N", otherwise known as Ian. Donovan was giving Ian so many hugs at the end of our day in the monkey house, it was adorable. All the way up until poor Ian got a minor head injury from the tackle ending of one hug. Donovan also got to see cute girls, Aubrey and Abbey but he was on his best gentlemanly behavior when he gave them their goodbye hugs. All in all a great day full of great weather, great friends, and great behavior by Mr. Donovan.

Donovan petting the goat. He thought it was "Foff" (Soft).

Just two dudes going for a ride. (I think they were cruising for chicks)

Zoning out as he was petting the guinea pigs.

Giving the guinea pigs a hug.

Driving the boat.

No pictures of us in the "Raff" (giraffe) house, only a pic of the giraffe. It was both quite stinky and impressive as the giraffes were so much bigger that close up. Donovan was equally impressed with both facts and would take turns repeating "WOW!" and "Pee Yoo".

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