Monday, November 28, 2011

Guess what

Reese is sitting!

It was bizarre. Yesterday, she was still resisting bending at the waist. Not much practice at sitting. Today, bending just fine. Sitting by herself. For 15 plus minutes at a time. Weird. I guess she just decided today was the day since she is officially 6 1/2 months old now.

Also, she is eating solids like a champ now. For the past couple days she eats a tub of fruit or veggies twice a day with at least 2 tsp rice cereal mixed in. 3 days ago you could barely talk her into opening her mouth wide enough to get much food in. Now, eating expert. We even gave her some finger foods yesterday. She got 2 yogurt melts in on her own. She liked them (we think).

And in other random, surprising news, after brushing Donovan's teeth today before his nap I discovered he has 2 new molars, which from the feel of them, have been in for a few weeks now. Huh. Who knew.

So weird how they just grow up before your very eyes.

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