Sunday, August 19, 2012

Cut Lemonade and a good weekend

Donovan had his first miss-heard lyrics experience this week. Reese has this picnic basket that sings different songs. A couple days ago he was playing with it while it was singing, and he said "Mom, it says '...cut some lemonade.' " I laughed but knew that couldn't really be it. Tonight he was listening and said it again. Then sang it and added, "... to cut some lemonade....with a saw!" So I replayed it and listened real close and found out it actually says, "...two cups of lemonade." and not, in fact, what Dono had thought. But I have to admit, I had to listen really hard! Either way, it will forever be " cut some lemonade" in this house from here on out!

In other news, we had a fabulous weekend full of friends, friends and family time. Friday night two couple's came over that we are great friends with.  One of the couples has a 2 year old girl named Avery, and Donovan and Avery played very well together. So well that Avery's dad said he had his faith restored in little boys all due to Donovan. Good thing too because they are expecting a baby boy in about 6 weeks. The kids all had a great time and so did the parents. In fact, Donovan cried before bed because he wanted to go to Avery's on Saturday night too and I told him we couldn't. That's love. All in all, great people, great food, great time.

Then yesterday we went to our good friends the O family's house. Claire is 5 months older than Donovan, and little Owen man is 5 months old, and the two older kids ran around like crazy, while Reese tried to catch up and Owen just took all those crazy kids in. Again, a great night with great people, food and fun. Nights like those make me want to have whole family sleep overs on occasion.

Today I met up with two good friends for brunch while Tom manned the homestead with the kiddos. Both kids seemed to have picked up a little cold bug but overall they were really good and happy. In the afternoon we hit the world bird sanctuary and Lone elk park where we got to see bison up close and personal. Reese thought the birds were great! The weather was gorgeous and the kids just ran around for a while enjoying it. Then afterwards my sister and parents came over for a nice visit. Good ending to the weekend.

For me, the sign of a great weekend is a complete lack of pictures, because we were too busy having fun to be bothered by taking any. Of course, I kick myself now but at the time it is an inconvenience. These two pictures are the only ones we took all weekend, and they were from the World Bird Sanctuary.

Dono-bird in his bird house.

Kids taking in the Pelicans.

Donovan quotes/story from this weekend:

"Oh, I'm running away because I am being shy."

Saturday at Claires house- convo between Dono, Claire and me:
Me: "Wow Claire, your hair is getting long."
Claire:"Yeah it is."
Dono:(to Claire)"Your hair is crazy!"
Claire: (very offended)"No it's  not!"
Dono: "My hair is handsome."
Claire: (to Donovan)"Your hair is crazy."
Dono: (to me) "No it's not. Is it?"
Me: (shakes my head to Donovan so Claire doesn't realize and then make a big deal about me disagreeing with her.) "When is the last time you had a hair cut, Claire?"
Claire:" A long time."
Dono:"Wow Claire, that's a lot of weeks!"

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