Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Logan

One of my best friends, Michelle, and her husband Jeff recently had a baby, little Logan. Ever since I told the kids she was going to have the baby (when she went to the hospital) they have both been talking about how they want to hold the "little tiny baby". Dono told me he was probably going to have to help Reese hold the baby since he was much bigger.

So this weekend we went to Michelle and Jeff's and got to snuggle on the new little guy. Donovan was so excited to hold him and was wiggling all around in anticipation as Michelle was getting ready to hand Logan over. We told him he needed to be careful and hold the baby's head up and he did ok, but was really bragging on himself about how well he did afterwards.  He was loving snuggling with Logan. And it was so dang precious   If the other adults had not been around I would have been boo-hooing like a baby but since they were, I only teared up and fought really hard to hold them in. It was the cutest thing.

Reese on the other hand, she was her usual mute, catatonic self when we first got there so but I knew she wanted to hold him so when Dono was done, I took her off my lap and put Logan on hers. Behold the adorableness.

I mean it really is too cute for words. Almost makes me want to have another one. Almost.

Reese did awesome. Since she was still catatonic, all she moved was her head and Logan stayed in perfect position while she held him for 10 plus minutes she did. I don't think she quite knew what to think about the whole situation.  Eventually we asked her if she was done and she managed to squeak out a "yes" loud enough for a mouse to hear so we took Logan off her hands. She warmed up after that and the kids played on the outside playset they had while I got to snuggle. All in all it was a lovely visit and Logan is a lovely baby. Hopefully we will get to see them and snuggle with him again soon.

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