Sunday, July 7, 2013

Forth of July (and weekend) fun

We had a lovely fourth of July celebration this year. It all started on Wed night when we went to the new house of one of our recently moved old neighbors' house who we miss dearly. They hosted about 40 people and we all ate, the kids played and then we watched our local professional firework display up at Twin Oaks park from their back yard. It was a great view and we didn't have to fight the crowds or anything!  Then on Thursday, I had these big plans of taking Donovan to see his first movie in the theater which he squashed like tiny bug. Instead he wanted to go to grandma and grandpa's house which was a pretty good plan, if we weren't going to the movies. So we all loaded in the car and spent the morning playing there before we rested up and took naps to prepare for our next gathering. In the afternoon we headed over to our friends house, who have 2 kids Aubrey and Landon. There ended up being 11 kids and 12 adults there and a good time was had by all! They have a nice shady back yard, with a play set and another family brought a huge blowup bounce house so Tom and I barely had to do any parenting. It was awesome!  The adults were most of the adults that we went on an adult only lake weekend with and had a BLAST last weekend so there was lots of reminiscing and story telling.  I am already counting down the days until next years lake weekend.

This is our two little patriotic childrens after we had come home from all the fun that night.

Lord knows it is like pulling teeth to get anyone to take a normal picture at the same time around here.

This was the gang at Aubrey and Landon's house after some of the kids had gone home for the evening. These were the last ones standing, minus 11 month old Will. How patriotic were they? Even had bomb pops to enforce the red, white and blue theme!

Dono, Abbey, Landon, Reese and Aubrey.

This weekend we continued in the fun. I was on call for work (not fun) but Tom managed to take the kids to a playground/splash park on Saturday morning and my dad came to help with the rug rats on Saturday afternoon/evening while I slept from being up all night.  Then today we spent the morning with our friend's who have Ian and baby Colin. The kids got to play on the bounce house and on their play set outside before lunch and ice cream. Then it was home to nap before going to a local pool with Auntie Jenna and Tom. Both kids reportedly had a great time and went down the water slide "99 times" reported Tom.

All in all, more great times and memories made with good friends and family.

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