Tuesday, July 9, 2013

From the mouths of babes....

The kids have really been giving me a complex in the last day.

Last night I am lying in bed with Donovan and we are talking and I said the word "younger" in a sentence and Dono asked me what that word meant. So we proceeded to have this conversation:

Me: "It means that you haven't been alive as long as somebody else. You are younger than me because you have only been alive 4 years and I have been alive 31 years."
Donovan: "Oh, that's surprising. That's surprising that you are still alive."

He wasn't trying to be mean or funny. He was just truly surprised. 

Well thanks for that Donovan.

Then today after I got dressed for work Reese looks at me and asks, "You wearing my cot sheet?"  Yes, my 2 year old was asking if my (white, dress, very nice looking) shirt was the sheet that she puts on her cot at school before she lays on it.  

And then tonight as I tell her goodnight she says, "I need to tell you something, you picked me up from school today." Me: "Yes, I did pick you up today Reese." Reese: "In your cot sheet dress?"

Uuuuuuhhhhhhhh, NO. NOT in my cot sheet dress. In my banana republic dress SHIRT. But thanks for the opinion fashionista.


I have probably mentioned how funny Reese is for her age. Tonight is a good example.

Dono, Reese and I are driving home from school/work when I smelled something gross. Here went the conversation:

Me: "Uuuugggghh, what is that smell?"
Dono: "It was me, I tooted."
Me: "Ew yuck! That smells like garbage! That was a garbage toot!"
(lots of giggling from Dono and me repeating "garbage toot" and "pee yoo" a lot)
Reese: "Maybe the trash man can come pick up Dono's toot"

She is already whittier/funnier then we are as adults!


Another cute Reese quote.

Tom: "Does daddy like baseball?"
Reese: "Yeah, I like pocoyo."

(for those of you not in the know, Pocoyo is a cartoon little boy and has nothing to do with Baseball)


On the way to school the other day Dono and Reese were talking.

Dono" "I am a poopy head."
Reese: "I not want you to call you a poopy head!"
Dono: "I can call myself whatever I want to call myself Reese!"
Reese: "Whatever."

One last funny story. Reese has been SUPER fussy (aka 2 yo) lately and tells you "I not want you to (fill in the blank)" about anything you just said.  (see above story).  Well Dono and I were on Tom and my bed with her the other day and anything we said she would say "I not want..." to and then whine until someone else said something else that she could say "I not want..." to. Nothing was making her happy and Donovan said something to me and she heard him and said, "I not want you to poop on the stairs" to which Donovan and I immediately stopped talking, looked at eachother and started cracking up as he had said NOTHING related to pooping on the stairs. Reese looked at us laughing and finally broke down and laughed herself so we all had a good laugh on that one. We told her she was right and we didn't want to poop on the stairs either so it was nice that we all had something to agree on. 

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