Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy belated third birthday Reese!

So this girl is big stuff now.  Homegirl's birthday was last tues and she had a really good day. She started off waking up with lots of balloons in her room, just like her brother did. She assured me that when it is my birthday, she will blow up lots of balloons and put them in my room. So thoughtful of her.
Then it was off to school where she got to share treats with her friends in her class. She has just recently gotten moved up to the 3 yr old class and seems to have transitioned no problem. Now her teachers are Ms. Kim and Ms. Jackie. Ms. Kim said she was "more than ready" to move up a classroom so that made me feel good. As we walked into school that day kids were telling her "happy birthday" right away. So sweet!

That night she got to pick what she wanted for dinner (she turned down the a favorite McDonalds for food from home in a shocking turn of events). Then she opened her presents, an Ariel and an Aurora dress. Dono had given her some glass slippers that morning so she was all princessed out!

Doing a curtsey.

Reese at three gives us a run for our money. These are a few of my favorite recent Reese stories:
- We had 2 cars at Donovan's baseball game and afterwards the boys left together and the girls left together. I gave Donovan the one water bottle we had for the ride home and Reese was NOT happy about it. She wanted to know why he got it and not her. I told her "Because Donovan was playing really hard, so he needs to drink more than you do."  She replied with an extremely whiney, "But Mom, I was sitting really hard!". I had to ask her what she was saying a couple times before I realized what she was saying. Too funny.

- Reese watching Petey and Lou playing and chasing eachother. "Mom, they're chasing theirchother."

-Tucking her into bed on her birthday I told her I had to go as I was going to do yoga. She then told me she does yoga at her (pre)school too with her friends and that her teacher, Mr. Ian (a very macho- soccery dude) is the teacher of the yoga. I was impressed with his progressiveness and then she showed me some of her yoga moves, which looked like downward dog. Then she told me "Then Mr. Ian says 'orange' and we go like this (indicating moving a hand to another spot). Then Mr. Ian says 'blue' (same thing)". So I said, "Is your yoga called Twister?" Reese: "YEAH!!! That's what our yoga is called!!!" Love her

She is so spicy, confident, funny, pain-in-the butt, sweet, stubborn and wonderful. Happy 3rd birthday to our little boss lady! We love you! 

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