Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reese quotes and such

Reese was a super chatter box tonight so I told her that. I meant it in the cutest way possible as I was loving her running commentary but big brother used the word as a taunt and started taunting her.

Dono: "Reese is a chatterbox, Reese is a chatterbox, Reese is a chatter box!"
Reese: (NOT happy with the taunting) "Dono, don't say that word! It's not good to God!" (looked at Tom and I to see our reactions to see if she used that point correctly)

Tom and I did our best but we couldn't keep a straight face after a couple of seconds.

Reese: "Mom, did you see Miss Nadina's hair? It's pink now. She got a haircut too. I think she just got it cut and it just turned pink."


I had Reese's teacher conference tonight at her school. Her teacher Ms. Julie called her one of the "dominant females" in the class.  I had to laugh. She could not have hit the nail any more on the head.

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