Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Obligatory belly pics

Today I am officially 31 weeks pregnant. Last week of my 7th month of pregnancy according to "What to expect when you are expecting". I am feeling about 10 months pregnant though which is not a good sign since I hope to be pregnant for at least 7 more weeks. More realistically I will be pregnant another 11 and this baby will have to be evicted like Donovan was. I am ok with that though because I'd rather have that then a NICU baby that wasn't cooked all the way before he/she made his/her arrival. I try not to be a complainer because I know I am lucky to have had the good fortune I have had with this pregnancy but I have got to say the second pregnancy is WAY different (read "more painful") than the first. I loved my first pregnancy. After the morning sickness was over, I felt great. I had some back pain that I went to the chiropractor and a massage therapist/physical therapist for (neither helped) but it was totally manageable and overall I felt like pregnancy was enjoyable. I do not feel that same level of enjoyment this time. I feel much more aches and pains and the back pain is much worse than last time. I worked 12 hour plus days last time and the only one I remember being uncomfortable during was the one the day before I ended up delivering. I have already had days at work where by the end of my shift I can barely function because I am in so much pain. The pain is all musculoskeletal, but it makes it feel as if my belly is ripping open and my back makes doing anything but laying down incredibly painful. I am really worried that I might not be able to work all my scheduled shifts, of which I have 30 left. The countdown has begun. I am determined to take things a day/ a shift at a time and keep in mind that I have to do what is best for me and baby. Luckily (knock on wood) so far I haven't had many contractions so I am very thankful for that. And the restless leg syndrome I had last time too has yet to kick in so I am fortunate in many, many aspects. I am just putting out there that man, how do these women that have more than 2 kids do it? Two seems to be kicking my butt already! I am trying to enjoy this pregnancy in case this is my last one, but I find myself fantasizing about what it will be like to not be in some sort of discomfort or pain at all times. Anyways, you can do anything for 10 weeks right?!?! Ok complaining over.

In other news, we are going to have a second child in 10 weeks or less! INSANE. Nothing more to say about that, I just can't wrap my head around it. We have a lot to do before that day comes and I will try to my best to be patient, but I am so excited! Guess we better work on finding a girl name in case this is a girl too...

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  1. Hey Ellen,

    First of all you look amazing! Just a bump out front. Second, I know that after being on my feet for a 2-3 hours at school the aches and pains start to kick in, so I can only imagine how exhausted, tired, sore, etc. you feel after a 12 hour shift. Hang in there! Kurt and I are thinking about you and enjoy keeping up with the Qualls.