Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who is this kid?

Tonight I got home from work at around midnight. Our dumb dog, I mean Petey, of course barks and barks and barks and wakes Donovan up before I can shut him up. So I hear Donovan fussing for a few minutes and then he goes back to bed. Usually he doesn't wake up when Petey barks at me but I really didn't think too much about it. So after I put on my jammies I go to check on Donovan and he is sleeping like a little angel. As always I touch his belly to make sure he hasn't peed through his diaper and his jammies aren't wet. To my surprise, they are very wet and so is the bed. Darn! So I debated whether or not I go to wake up Tom so one of us can change him and the other can change the bed sheets and mattress cover when Donovan sits up, so I decide to go it alone and let Tommy sleep. I changed Dono's clothes and diaper and he looks pretty sleepy but never makes a peep. Then I sat him in the rocking chair, set all his "guys" on him (which includes Dunny, Boo, a bigger blanket we have been tucking him in under, and a monkey). He sits and rubs his chin on the blanket silently as I change the bed. After I am done I assume I will have to rock him for a little while before he wants to go back down, but just in case I lean over as I am picking him up and whisper "You ready to lay back down?". He whispers back "Okay" and lays his sweet little head on my shoulder. I can't believe my ears (and/or luck) and I say "Do you want me to tuck you in?" to which he replies "okay" in another whisper. (As a preparation for his big boy bed eventually I have been putting a blanket over him when he goes down in the crib, which he has really enjoys and now requests when you put him down with the request of "Tuck. Tuck." meaning "Tuck me in please") I am shocked but I comply. I lay him down. He flips to his stomach and grabs his "guys" and I lay the blanket over him. I rub his head and tell him "Goodnight. I love you. See you in the morning".

As I left the room I was amazed at what had transpired. I didn't hold my breath though, I expected to hear some protesting but here I am over an hour later and the only sound I have heard from that room was a 5 second whimper about 10 minutes ago. This same child was put to bed at a family friend's house on Saturday night, was woken up and taken home 2 hours later (woke up scared and shaking, calling for me even though I was holding him, then stayed awake the entire 20 min car ride home), had his diaper changed and then was laid straight down with no rocking or singing or book reading. Where did this child come from? I cannot believe our good fortune. This is the same child that just a month and a half ago or so we were talking about taking to a sleep specialist since he woke up crying and screaming so often and for so long. Flash forward a little and here we are. He rarely wakes up crying and screaming now and putting him to bed is a joy. He doesn't fight you (generally) when it is time to go to bed and if he doesn't fall asleep soon after you put him down you hear talking and counting instead of screaming and crying. I don't know if it is just his maturing, or the fact that all his eye teeth have been in for a while and there is no more teething going on, or the fact that Tom and I made a conscious effort to cut down on books and singing and put him down awake or a combination of the three but I am so thankful for this change.

Part of me misses rocking him, but I know that this is for the best for both him and us, especially since a baby will be making it's debut to our family in the next month and a half. It has been a long time coming that we finally have a child that does not fight sleep. It is for this reason (and several more) that I have no plans on switching him from his crib to his big boy bed until he is ready (i.e. climbing out of his crib repeatedly, or demanding to sleep in his big boy bed). I am so proud that he is doing so well with sleeping. I hope this is the new norm and not just a wonderful, fleeting phase. I think this best thing that could happen to us all.

My little man is growing up!

And cue baby number 2... mommy needs another snuggle bunny.

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  1. It took me a long time, too, to realize that my baby needed to learn how to calm himself and that we'd all get a better night sleep when he did. Congrats!