Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy 1 Month to Reese!

Our little girl is one month old today! Time has flown. Here is what we are up to...

She is a pretty good baby overall. Not totally laid back but not as crazy demanding as her big brother. She will sleep in her cradle and pack and play by herself, as well as her swing, which are all welcome departures from what Donovan would do. She does not sleep half as soundly during the day as she does at night though unless she is in your arms so much of the day she is being held. She does request this as well so we have already broken out the baby bjorn since when I have both her and her brother by myself and her brother needs help with something, I can't do it so easily with her in my arms. She still loves to be swaddled and sleeps best when swaddled tightly. She does fight sleep during the day and will often make you walk laps around the house holding her before she finally surrenders and goes to sleep. You would think this would have allowed me to lose my baby weight by now but no no, don't you fear, I'm still hanging on to some. At night she does much better going right back to sleep after feedings. In fact, sometimes she only eats for about 5 min and then insists on sleeping which does not make her mama happy at all. Before the last two nights I could count on her doing one 4 hour break between feedings for the first break at night, then a 3 hour one and then the rest being 2 or 3 hours between feedings til it was time to get up. The last two nights have been bad. Only going 3 hours at first and then every 2 or less. Boooo. Lets hope that was a small fluke and tonight will be better because getting 4-5 hours of sleep a night for a mommy, all in hour nap increments is no good.

In other feeding news I thought she had reflux for a while but now I think she might just be an over eager feeder at times. She will be eating and then all the sudden get very frantic and panic looking, then her face will get red and she will start fighting my boob and yelling, all while still latched on and eating. Then she ends up gulping down air and needs to be burped more often, which then produce beer drinking man sized burps. It's very frustrating for both of us when she does this because she ends up eating so poorly. As a result of this, on friday night she ate so poorly that I think she backed up my milk and gave me Mastitis. Lovely. I thought it was reflux at first and we tried some over the counter meds that didn't really do anything for her, but I don't know if that is it anymore since she only does this during the day and not at every feeding. It's strange. Hopefully she will grow out of it soon.

In other news she is one feisty girl with her movement. She is pushing up with her feet, trying to stand pretty often now, especially when I have her facing me and I am burping her. She also rolls over multiple times every time we do tummy time. Her head and neck control are getting pretty good too. And on occasion she will flash us a smile, which just makes me start to count down the days until she turns 6 weeks old and really starts to smile for real. She is definitely filling out as well. I love the cheeks she is getting and her new thigh rolls delight me. I love the extra work I have to do to clean them every diaper change and bath. They are just so dang adorable. She just graduated to size 1 diapers on Sunday after multiple days of pooping out of her newborns, so it is probably something we should have done days ago. She is also too big for most of her newborn clothes, but not quite big enough for the 0-3 month ones so she is in the gray area. She ends up just wearing clothes a little too baggy for her currently.

Overall she is a pretty bright eyed baby. She wants to know what is going on around her at all times, which is also why she fights sleep during the day so hard if you ask me. I love giving her kisses and calling her "girl friend". It just rolls off the tongue. I told Tom tonight that I never thought I would have a daughter so little things like the fact that I get to take her to get her ears pierced sometime, and I get to paint her toenails and possibly enroll her in dance class are so exciting to think about for me right now. Oh the possibilities! I think those are the basic one month facts. We go to the doctor on thursday so you will have to wait til then for more facts. I need to get to bed anyways, especially how things have been going these past few nights.

Pictures from our bath tonight.

A little blurry but this was the tail end of a smile.

And for posterity's sake, this is Donovan's belated 2 year growth picture, with the appropriate age documented. With all the hub-bub around his birthday with this pregnancy and what not, we forgot to take one so tonight he got to take one after Reese was done. Oops.

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