Monday, July 4, 2011

Head tickle

We have been talking a lot lately about giving Donovan a buzz cut. There are two main reasons for this: 1) he hates getting his hair cut and it would give us more time between cuts and 2) he is such a sweaty mess with his thick head of hair when he is running around outside playing, a buzz would hopefully help him stay cool in the summer. Well today was the day we finally broke down and did it. We have been prepping him for it for the past week but I still didn't know if it was actually going to happen. So today we borrowed our neighbors trimmers and Tom and I took him out on the deck. We showed him the trimmers and told him it was going to cut his hair and it wasn't too thrilled about it. Then we told him it wasn't going to hurt, but rather tickle, and I turned on the trimmers and touched them to my neck, then arm. Then he held out his arm and I "tickled" his arm. He thought that was nice and he asked me to tickle his other arm, then leg, then we tickled his foot and cheek. Then I made the mistake of saying we were going to cut his hair then and we were right back to square one. So then we learned as long as we didn't say the words "hair cut" but rather head tickle everything was A ok. So I tickled a few more things and then he asked me to tickle his ear and then I said "tickle the head" and there I was cutting his beautiful blond hair off. I almost cried but I was trying to keep as happy as I could to encourage Donovan to keep doing as well as he was doing. He did so well! He never cried, only whimpered towards the end when the cut hair was tickling him too much. But as far as the trimmer was concerned, it never bothered him. So it was a large success! I am sad because he doesn't have his gorgeous hair anymore and he looks even older but I know that this will be much better for him as far as heat control goes during the summer. And I know it will grow back. So far he seems not to care too much either way. He says "short hair" and he looked at it in the mirror a few times but nothing more than that. And it has been good so far because tonight he played outside with his friends and he did not get the red cheeks he usually gets right away and he was much, much less sweaty. But enough of the talking, on to the pictures.

His beautiful hair.
I swept it into a pile but then I had a hard time sweeping it off the deck. I just wanted to put it in my hands and cry into it. (I'm very emotional right now in case you can't tell).
The happy boy after a bath eating his promised ice cream treat.
A couple more close ups of the buzz.

Even Tom tonight admitted that Donovan's buzz cut makes him sad. He peeked at him while he was sleeping and said that he went from being his little boy to being a little man. They are growing up too fast!

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