Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Reese... on a chair...with a friend...

who happens to be a wolly mammoth.

In other news Reese is NOT, I repeat NOT a fan of the bottle. We found that out the hard way when Tom's mom was watching her for a couple hours while I took Donovan to the pool. I came home to a screaming baby who had refused to drink any milk. She had successfuly taken a bottle on two seperate occasions but that was probably a month ago so lesson learned, we should have been giving her more bottles to make sure she kept up that skill. So to combat this, we have been giving her a bottle a day since Wed. (skipping friday when we bought a couple new kinds of bottles to try). So far she did not take it at all for the first few tries (we only gave up after at least 30 unsuccessful minutes), then my sister, like the angel she is, got her to take all 2 oz of the bottle she tried on Sunday. It took her forever to drink it, but drink it she did! Tom has gotten her to take a bottle both yesterday and today as well. Yesterday it took her 54 minutes from the first time the nipple touched her lips until she finished her 2 1/4 oz bottle and tonight she shaved off 15 minutes of that time. She still fights, gets worked up, cries, swallows air, and has to be calmed down and burped multiple times but they manage to get it done. It is hard for me to be around while they are doing this because I know it would just be easier if I just breast fed her but I know she needs to learn and practice because I go back to work in a week and a half and I won't be able to help then. Tom is a great dad and is very patient with her. I am one lucky girl.

Switching subjects, Donovan and I have been swimming 3 times in the past 2 weeks. A local public pool has a "tot time" for 2$ a person from 10am-11:45am for parents and kids under 5. You can only swim in the kiddie pool but it is pretty big and has lots of fun things for the chil-rens including a cool slide that shoots water down it and Donovan is brave enough to climb up on and slide down on his own. He also loves to lay down in the water and "swim" by kicking his legs (occasionally) and pulling himself around the pool by walking his arms on the bottom of the pool. The deepest part is only 1 ft deep so it is a nice area for the little guys. I taught him that trucks and other things make a beeping noise when they back up so when he swims backwards he says "beep, beep, beep". He's great. Reese went to the pool one day with us when my neighbor and her mom could help me watch her and she slept the entire hour we were there like the little angle she is. Next year both kids can go swimming and it is going to be so much fun!

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