Monday, July 18, 2011

Reese's 2 month docors visit and stats

Reese's 2 month stats are as follows:

Height: 24 1/4 inches (96th%)
Weight: 12lb 6oz (83rd%)
Head circumference: 15 3/4 inches (77th%)

Reese was her normal angel baby at the doctor's today. Since the place was crazy with back to school physicals we met with the office's nurse practitioner instead which at first I was not happy about but after today I am very impressed with her. She came in, very relaxed and before she started her exam asked "What questions do you have for me?". Perfect. Reese smiled and talked to everyone she saw at the office so she was a big hit. The nurse practitioner had no concerns for us and since she has been doing well with her reflux ever since we switched her to Pepcid, neither do I. Well, aside from her reluctance to take bottles. I asked her if there was something we could be doing that we aren't and she said it sounds like we were doing everything right. She is just stubborn. Reese had to get 2 shots and one oral vaccine today. She was brave but definitely did NOT appreciate the pokes. She has been sleeping more today as a result and is much fussier than she normally is, which is still 10 times less fussy than Donovan was on a normal day so we can handle to occasional day like this.

As far as what she is doing as a 2 month old now, well we will start with the flirting. Home girl is a flirt! She gives out the smiles very easily and is very social for a 9 week old. She talks and tells you about things in her life. As a matter of fact, I think she is having an affair with the fan in our living room as much as she looks at that thing longingly and tells you about it. Joking aside she loves fans, lights and windows and is now looking at closer things too, like the mobile above her swing and bouncer. And speaking of swings, we have two in the house and I am pretty sure I am no longer leaving the house without one of them. Our saintly neighbor friends let us borrow their larger, electric swing which at first I thought was overkill. But now, I thank God for that thing. We would be running out of batteries weekly if not more on our smaller portable one without it. She Love's her swing so much and Tom and I get to eat almost all of our meals together while they are hot, which is quite amazing if you ask me, because of it. Sometimes, like tonight, she will even be fussy in your arms, but if you swaddle her and put her in the swing she calms right down and usually falls asleep pretty fast. I try not to abuse the swing but it does allow us to have our hands free and get a lot done. This child is nothing like her brother. He probably spent 10 minutes of his whole life in a swing, thank the lord she is not the same.

On other news she is still hating the bottle. She refused it tonight and Tom gave up after an hour of struggling. Oh well. She will get it eventually. I just hope she gets it before she makes her dad's blood pressure go up any more. She has just discovered her hands in the past week and in the past few days she has really found her love for them. She sucks on them hard core and I am happy she has found something to soothe her when she is mad in the car. I can't remember if I have written about this before but she is quite the back seat driver. If the car is moving, she is happy and quiet (95% of the time). If we are in traffic or at a stop light, she is mad and is yelling at you to "drive!!!". She also loves the changing table like her brother did at this age. That is where she does much of her flirting and smiling at you. She is also very good at tracking you and I notice it as I am moving around her changing table when she is up there (on the pack and play one where she cannot roll off of of course, not the regular one). She is still rolling a fair amount with tummy time but she doesn't do it every time and even when she does I just roll her back so she still gets a good amount of time on her tummy.

She also loves her baths and tries to eat the water when we pour it on her chest to rinse her. It is too cute. For the most part we have a nice routine down. She wakes up, has happy play time for a little, then when she gets fussy she eats. Then more happy play time and then when she gets fussy again, it's swaddle and nap time. Then repeat all day long. It is so nice to know that is her pattern because it takes all the guess work out of parenting. She doesn't really fight before she goes to sleep anymore like she used to but on occasion she still does have the "storm before the calm" as Tom puts it.

Reese is eating about 6 times in 24 hours and has gone as long as 8 hours between night time feedings, which is great! She gets up at least once over night, but lately that one time has been around 4 or 5 which is awesome. She still has nights where she gets up at 2 or 3 but I'll take the good with the mediocre. I think that about rounds up the latest with Reese. She really is just an awesome baby and we know how lucky we are to have her. I will leave you with a couple pictures of Reese and Grandpa B, who has officially moved out of our basement and into his very own house, (along with my mother) that is a mere 30 min away!!!!! Yippie for no more 12 hour drives to see them! We are a little sad that Donovan does not get to see Grandpa B every night anymore. He lived with us for 8 weeks while my mom was selling the house and getting back here and we all benefited from his company. Tom and I got an extra set of hands to help with the kids and the meals and Donovan got to have another person to play downstairs with. I miss Donovan running to the door every night when my dad got home saying "Gwan-pa Bee! Gwan-pa Bee!". It was fun while it lasted but now we get both sets of grandparents close and that will be awesome for all of us!

Hanging and watching TV with her grandpa B.

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