Thursday, September 15, 2011

Look who found her feet!

Now if she could only get them a little closer to her mouth things would be perfect.

She did not find those puppies a moment too soon either because now, she is WAAAYYYY better during diaper changes now that she has something to distract her from how much she wants to roll onto her belly.

The doctor's visit to day was another non-eventful visit, just the way we like them. He had no concerns for her and said it was up to us when we wanted to start feeding her solids, whether it be now or in 2 months from now. I did ask what we could do to get her needing less feedings over night and he said start the solids sooner so we might pick up some rice cereal and give that a whirl in the next few days or so. No rush but it sure would be nice to get more than 4 hours of sleep in a row. Living like Zombies has lost it's appeal (...or did it ever have any?). Her stats are as follows:

Head circumference: 16 1/2 inches- 75%
Weight: 13lbs 15oz- 57%
Height: 25 3/4 inches- 93%

I was worried her weight would have dropped off more since I have gone back to work since our last appointment and she is having the problems with the bottles. I was actually happy with how much she gained and the Dr wasn't concerned either. So hopefully it doesn't drop off anymore and I will be even happier. Reese took her shots like a champ, didn't even flinch or cry with the first but cried for only about 30 seconds with the second.

I will leave you with my parenting fail of the day:
I had a brilliant idea to go to Kohl's and get some more pants for Dono after the Dr's since I had a coupon, we were already all out of the house, and it is getting colder and Dono has 5 pairs of pants. Well that was a horrible mistake. Missy was great but Dono started whining as soon as we got in the door and he was told he could not ride in a cart but had to walk. He sat on the ground in protest. So I somehow rigged a cart to carry both Reese in her carseat and Donovan, who of course wanted out once I started looking at the kids clothes. Then he wouldn't stay near me. Then he wanted every toy. Especially the "Cars" toys that were like 12-15 dollars and were similar to what we already have. He was not leaving without a fight and I wasn't going to give in to anything more than a 5$ one and he was not having it. So I carried him screaming and flailing and trying to climb out of my one arm, up to the front of the store, the whole while pushing Reese and the cart with my other arm. He was screaming and sounded like he was possessed by the devil, no lie. This nice worker lady saw this scene, offered to push Reese and my cart and even opened up a new line so she could check me out right away without making me wait in the lines that were a couple people deep. She offered to help me out to my car which I declined but shouldn't have because we get out the doors and he gets worse, which I didn't think was possible. Fighting to get out of my arms so much that his whole body is over my back, upside down, his butt by my face and legs kicking in the air. At this point Reese and the cart start rolling down the ramp into traffic but I have to use two hands to wrangle Donovan so that he doesn't fall out of my arms and get a head and neck injury so I am panicking inside but I throw my foot out just in time to get under the wheel of the cart and stop it from rolling into traffic. I finally get him so that I am holding him like a sack under one arm so I can push the cart to the car. Once at the car it takes me 15 min to get him buckled. I have never felt so helpless as a parent (other than with health stuff). I even contemplated calling Tom to come help me (he was at least 30 min away) or calling the police to have an officer try to help me restrain him enough to get him buckled in. Had Reese not been in the car, crying and hungry at this point, only adding to my stress, I would have just locked the doors and sat in the car til he tired himself out and I could win the physical battle. But I did not have that luxury. So we battled and battled (he even lost a shoe in the fight) until I finally had to click the bottom part of the buckle together and was able to pull his legs out from under him and make him sit on his bottom long enough for me to get him snapped in. It was exhausting. All this over a damn car toy. It is crazy the strength a 2 year old has when they have their mind set on something. It was superhuman. I am still shocked I was able to get him properly belted in but I knew I had no other choice and no one to help me. Next time I will think twice about taking both kids to Kohls.

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  1. OMG! What a challenging trip to the store. But, congrats for keeping the kiddos safe & sound!

    Aunt Teresa