Friday, December 23, 2011

Random pictures

I was looking through some pictures from the past few months and ran across a few I wanted to share. They are old but I like them.

Back in mid November we got a tricycle from our friends with kids who had grown out of it. Donovan loves it and so do we as it has a handle we can push him around with (without crouching) and also steer with. We even got him to wear his helmet with it the day of these pictures too! (He had only worn it once before, when we got the helmet, and even then he was done after 1 minute).

Rocking the helmet. Safety first.

I love this picture. Leaning back like he is going SO fast.
Looking at me and saying "Cheese" (unprompted) instead of watching where he was going. He forgot to turn.
This is one of my favorite pj's he has ever had. I love everything about them.

One night after a bath Donovan was running around the house naked while I ate a snack. He then requested to have some of my pretzels too. Then he wanted some bread. Then he wanted to make a pretzel sandwich so he put pretzels on his bread and ate it like that. I asked him to put his head near the sandwich for the picture and this was what I got.
In the early part of December when Donovan was having a rough few days we had a disagreement about something (I think it was how much juice he should be having that day and that particular moment) and he threw an epic fit right before nap time. I stayed in his room with him because I was worried if I left him alone he would go so crazy that he would have pulled the dresser over on himself since we still haven't anchored it to the wall (these are the things that keep me up at night people). Anywhos... he was so mad at me he went in his closet and tried to shut the door. He couldn't so I did it for him. He stayed in there, screaming, for 10 minutes before I finally cracked it enough to scratch his back until he fell asleep. So this is how Donovan started his nap that day. Look hard at the first picture. He is there.

Oh did I forget to mention he threw this whole fit while pantsless? Tom helped me hold him down to put his diaper on during his fit and then 4 seconds later he had already ripped it off. So I just waited til he fell asleep, then put his diaper on and put him in bed. It is tough to be 2.

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