Thursday, March 8, 2012

Putting Donovan to Bed

DAD POST: Getting Donovan to bed these days is generally pretty easy. We have a set routine that we go through every night and it works out pretty well. After we get his jammies on we snuggle on the couch and have a little juice while he plays with the iPad. I'll give him a little warning to let him know that it's almost time to go to bed so he's not surprised when we go. Then, a few minutes later I tell him that it's time to turn the iPad off and give Mommy and Reese kisses and he obliges almost always. After that, we go potty and brush his teeth. Then we read a book or two, turn the lights off and I snuggle with him for about five more minutes before I leave him alone to fall asleep. We had a really rough month or so when he started daycare so I began laying down with him to help him fall asleep and we're still doing that a little bit. Plus, I like it.

Now, I told you all of that to get to this story. Every now and again he decides he's not really ready for bed yet so he'll start in with all of his stalling techniques. It's your basic whining and crying and wanting to do anything he sees with his eyeballs that isn't bed-related. The other night he was throwing a fit as I was trying to put his nighttime diaper on him (he still has accidents at night sometimes) and the following exchange occurred:

Me: Donovan, just lay still so I can put your diaper on!
Dono: Noooooo! I don't want my diaper!
Me: Donovan, you have to put it on.
Dono: Nooo! I don't want it! I want to eat my diaper!
Me: What?
Dono: I want to eat my diaper!!
Me: You want to eat your diaper?!
Dono: I want to eat my diaper!!
Me: You can't eat your diaper.
Dono: I want to eat it! It's my favorite treat!!
Me: WHAT?! (Asking solely to hear it again for comedy purposes, he said it very clearly the first time)
Dono: I want to eat my diaper! It's my favorite treat!!
Me: It's your favorite treat?
Dono: YEAH! My diaper's my favorite treat!

The fact that he was absolutely losing his mind because he was so upset just made it funnier. And the fact that I was laughing out loud at him just made him madder. Which in turn made it all funnier. It was an evil cycle of awesome.