Tuesday, March 20, 2012

St Patty's day

We had a wonderful St. Patrick's day. We started the day with green cinnamon sugar muffins made by myself and Donovan, and you can't go wrong with green muffins. (Unless you did not intend to make green muffins.) The kids made sure they were wearing their green so as to not get pinched.

Then we spent sometime at the local park that we have frequented several times in the past couple weeks. With the weather being unseasonably warm, we have been taking advantage of the park while we can. The park is so wonderful because it has the sport court floor under the playground equipment so Reese can walk all around and practice her walking with shoes on her feet without fear of an uneven ground. Donovan loves running around there and yelling at random people to watch him. As in, "HEY KIDS!!!! WATCH ME!!!!" and then he proceeds to do something totally ordinary that Tom and I both act really impressed by and the kids barely bat an eye at, which is why he probably thinks everyone needs to see. There is a spider like rope net there and Donovan is not very good at climbing on it but he gets up one rung, looks at Tom and I and says, "Look at this dude!", talking about himself. So of course we act super exited and impressed. He is our child, what's not to be super excited and impressed about?

After we played, we walked around this beautiful little lake they have with koi fish and ducks and a small waterfall and everything. I mean this park has it all. So much so that Tom and I were plotting our next home move to be in a subdivision that we could walk to the park from, it is that great.

Then after the park we went home for naps. Tom and Reese got one while Donovan and I had a nice picnic date on the deck, which Donovan decided to ruin by pooping and peeing in his underwear in the middle of the date. How rude. We managed to salvage the rest of the date after a lengthy cleanup and even got to enjoy a distant thunderstorm creeping closer.

After Donovan napped, we had Donovan's friend Trevor over. Trevor is the older half of the "buddies", the two neighbor boys that Donovan loves. Donovan and Trevor get along wonderfully, so we had Trevor over while his brother Tyler was sleeping so his mommy, who was not feeling well, could get a break. They played, and played hard for 2 plus hours. Poor Trev was red faced 15 minutes in. Trevor is much bigger than Donovan (and almost 2 years older) but he is so good with Donovan and lets him get all his boy rough housing out with him. Donovan literally tackles him, lets him get up, runs after Trevor, then tackles him again. He always wants to wrestle with him and the majority of the time they play in our basement together, they look like this...

Those pictures were from a March 2nd play date (taken pre-haircut in case the Donovan Afro didn't clue you in) but that is exactly what those two looked like on Saturday otherwise.

After playtime was over, we dropped Trev back off at his house and went to our other neighbors house for a dinner get-together with 3 other couples. The food was amazing, seriously like a fancy restaurant but all it cost us was a Costco dessert which was an amazing deal. Donovan and Reese were the youngest kids there but the other kids played so wonderfully with both of them, both Tom and I got to get a little break and enjoyed ourselves as well. We packed it up and were home, with kids in bed by 8:45. Then I caught up with one of my best friends who had had a baby the previous week, which was lovely and overdue. A very jam packed but wonderful and beautiful day!

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  1. That picture of Reese is priceless! The only thing Jack sees in the picture with Dono holding up the muffin is Tom with his shooting stars shirt on! How does he get in that? He was in 6th grade when he played for them!