Sunday, April 22, 2012

Donovan is 3!

Happy birthday Donovan! Today was a fun day. Donovan got to wake up to a balloon filled room, with streamers on his door. Something I hop to make a tradition for the kids (next year for Reesie poo). He loved it and was hyper from the time he opened his eyes this morning.

"I have three balloons, mommy!"

I told Donovan last night he could have a special breakfast, anything he wanted, and he told me he wanted, "A poptart and macaroni." Nut. So I told him I was thinking more along the lines of pancakes or muffins and that he could think about it until today. So this morning I asked again and again got. "Poptarts and macaroni." He got the poptart, he didn't really want the macaroni so I have no idea where that came from.

The day was kinda yucky weather wise, cold and rainy, so we spent it inside playing. Donovan did go to the grocery store with daddy to pick up treats for school tomorrow but that was our big trip out.
Tonight, both sides of our immediate families came over and we gave Donovan presents, ate some burgers and then finally singing happy birthday and cake. Donovan was so fun and pumped about all of his presents. Then after dinner he wanted cake as soon as he was done, but no one else was done eating so he spent the next 15 minutes harassing everyone until we were ready for cake.

Then when we lit the candles, he sang himself happy birthday solo! It was pretty cute. After he finished, we sang happy birthday and he was just as happy and excited as he was last year. This kid loves the birthday song and the attention it brings.

These are the pictures from tonight. They are all backwards from last to first as the blogspot updated how you blog and it  messed my system up but the changes are good and will make life easier on me (after tonight). So without further ado...

His new luggage he got from Tom and I. Now that he is having sleepovers we thought something better than Tom's old soccer bag would be nice. It says his name in the center in orange there, but it is hard to see in the picture. He really love it! That and all of his other presents really.

His new talking Percy. "I have a Percy like Ian!" he said.

It was so cute, he would show everyone every present he opened. He had to walk around and present it to everyone. He was deemed "Vanna White" by his grandparents.

Demonstrating his cool, talking transformers card that my parents gave him. The card that he picked out for himself I might add.

Grammie helping him read his card.

Next Saturday we are having the bigger birthday party for both Donovan's 3rd birthday and Reese's 1st. Should be loud and fun!

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