Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Catch up

Sorry for the absence. We have been very busy, then very sick in this past week. Between Saturday and Sunday we had committed to 4 things, and after we did our first on the list, Ian's birthday party at the Transportation museum, I started feeling bad. Long story short, I have been down since then and was diagnosed with Strep throat yesterday, as was Donovan today after he came down with a fever and a sore throat yesterday. So Tom has been doing the vast majority of the parenting, and I have been holding down the couch or snuggling with Dono. But good news, both Dono and I have amoxicillin on board and we are both feeling close to normal! Yeay! Here are some pictures from Ian man's birthday party, before our weekend took a sharp turn down hill.

She looks so grown up in this one. And also annoyed with me taking pictures. Get used to it kid.

Look how freaking big she looks just sitting in a chair like a big girl. Donovan (can be seen in background) was so surprised to see her sitting like that he was telling his friends, "Look at Reese! She's sitting in a chair like a big girl!"

She just sat and ate her food and swung her legs back and forth like a big girl. Tear.

Landon, Donovan and the birthday boy on the train ride. They had a blast.

How Reese spent her train ride. Wanted to stand and taste the railing the whole time.

Today, between the Dr's office and picking up Donovan's meds, we killed time driving through Lone Elk park. All the animals we hiding today except geese, one lone deer, and this snapping turtle which I thought was awesome! I thought Donovan would think so too so I stopped the car, told him all about how cool they were and how they had a sharp beak (or whatever you call it) and how we couldn't get to close or he would bite us, all while I was getting Donovan out so he could see the turtle. Well apparently I freaked him out because that child clung to me like I was trying to get him next to a lion. He was shaking and trying to move from my hip to my back and when we got about 5 feet away he told me we should go back in the car. I calmed him down a little, enough to let me get the camera and snap a shot of our new friend. It was the highlight of our day. 

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