Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Reese!

Poor Reese spent her birthday crabby and mad at the world. Her two b@$t3rD upper teeth are about as close to popping out, without actually being out at all as you can get. Her one tooth has such thin gums over it is is practically transparent. So our birthday girl was in no mood to party. We celebrated anyways with both sets of grandparents and my sister. I felt bad for her but also I felt bad for us. She was no happy camper. If we don't see a tooth or two this week, I am scared for our sanity's sake.

We did manage to get some pictures from the evening that did not have a crying or crabbing girl in them.

Checking out her cool mermaid towels that her Q grandparents got her. (But don't be surprised if you see them in my bathroom. They are cool)

Donovan and Reese played in the water table for a little. Reese had peaced out by this point but brother was loving it.

We gave her a cupcake again but skipped all the fanfare of singing and candles since we were unsure of what would set her off. She humored us for about 5 minutes before she really started fussing.

Telling us all about what she thinks about getting new teeth.

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