Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Back on June 15th I was at work and I get a text from Tom's mom that said "Donovan just called me "stupid  grammy" yikes."

I was appalled. I could not believe he said that. We try not to say that word for the very reason that we do not want him to pick that up in his vocabulary. I was ready to blame it on his preschool and some of the other kids teaching him that word I was so sure it wasn't us. So I replied that I had never heard him say that and Tom replied that he had heard him say that the previous night to the dog. We told Linda to put him in time out and tell him we don't say that word. I also asked her what prompted him to say that and she did not respond. For a while. Then almost an hour and a half later she writes this:

"Not sure why. I was pushing the stroller and helping to push his bike. I don't know if I pushed it too hard or too slow. Then he says "stupid Grammie" so I tell him that is not nice to say and we don't use that word. He says, "Uh huh. Mommy called the car in front of us that cause it was going too slow. Mommy said it after she picked me up from school." So I just explained to him we don't say it and never to people. He said he was sorry."

Whoops. Busted. What do you say to that? Turns out I had been using that word and apparently a little to liberally.

So that night we go to dinner and a car pulls in front of us like an idiot. Tom and I both start to complain about it and catch ourselves and Donovan tells us (because he knows where we are going) "We don't say stupid." I tell him he is right and we don't use that word and it is not a nice word. And he says to me, "Yeah, because if you say it I have to sit you down and tell you we don't say that word." Touche Donovan, Touche.

And luckily, to my knowledge, he has never said it again since that day.

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