Thursday, July 5, 2012

Socks and a walk

Tom worked from home today while his car was in the shop and got to spend some extra time with Reese. Before his mom got here this morning to help watch Reese, Reese decided that she was going to make a fashion statement. She went to Dono's room, picked up his Blues socks that he had slept in the previous night, brought them out to Tom and asked him to put them on her (via hand motions). The funniest part is that they are Donovan's "high" socks, aka socks that go past his ankle. In her, they are knee highs. She wore them all day. Tom and my favorite part? The dirty spot where his heel goes was on her lower calf.

Not content to stop with her brother's socks, she also had to try out his shoes.

Then later, in the high socks, we all went for a walk. Reese loves to try to walk Petey around the house with his leash, so on a whim I decided to let her try walking him outside. It was awesome! She loved it, he tolerated it, and she was so happy! The only issues were when Donovan wanted a turn, and she did not want to share. But eventually we made her so they both got a turn. All four of us walked down and back both sides of our street!!! The only time we held Reese was when Donovan was walking Petey because otherwise she was screaming in protest of not having the leash. Cutest thing ever!

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  1. omg...too cute! Reese did awesome keeping up with petey.