Sunday, July 8, 2012

July 4th pics

July 4th was pretty low key due to the disgusting heat that has been lingering around here recently.  We had Tom's parents over for dinner and hanging out and that was about it! We got to see the Twin Oaks fireworks the night before from the comfort of the corner of our week. It was adorable to see Donovan enjoy the fireworks so much. All the other kids we were hanging out with were running around like crazy, ignoring the show. But Donovan sat there the whole time and would say, "That one's my favorite!" then pause 10 seconds and say, "Oh mom, that one's my favorite!". He loved them and had lots of favorites. It was a shame it was too dry for us to shoot our own fireworks off because he would have really loved to see them closer. Here are some pics from the 4th with Tom's parents.

Grammie and Dono in their festive colors.
 Reese in her red, white and blue.

 She is snuggling her tiny doggy in this picture. It is so tiny, you can barely see it.
 Dono wanted to try out his sister's headband while he was roller skating.

 "Take a really close picture of me mommy."
 Reese snuggle and reading time with Paw Paw. She is very advanced. Already doing "Where's Waldo".

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