Sunday, November 3, 2013

Last of the Halloween fun stuff

Several weeks before Halloween we did our annual pumpkin patch day at Stuckmeyer's farm. Our friends, the O family, were busy so my sister and Derek joined us. It was a misty, rainy morning but it cleared up after we had been there for about 30 minutes. The kids ended up having a great time. Reese was just the perfect age to really get how fun this place was this year. It was very fun.

The inflatable kids area is always a winner. 

The barrel rides, or the "roller coaster" as Reese called them were also a hit.

And of course no day at the pumpkin patch would be complete without a horse ride for our Reesie poo.  The main boss lady of the horses is telling her how she has to hold on tight in this pic. She obviously did not know who she was speaking to because Reese is an expert equestrian. She held on tight like the little champ she is.

The day before we went to the pumpkin patch Dono got to go to a different patch with his Mimi and Pawpaw. He loved it and still talks about the "huge" pumpkins this patch had.

Such a happy little cutie. He made sure he got a little pumpkin for Reese too since she was at school. What a nice brother.

After they got pumpkins at the patch, they made several different pumpkin crafts and this was the one Donovan was the most excited about. He posed himself in this picture. Very senior picturesque.

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