Sunday, November 24, 2013

Latest news from the Q house

November 14th 2013: We celebrated Reese's half birthday with cupcakes and candles (a day late). She is very excited to be 2 and a half, although the initial transition has been rough. We had been talking about her half birthday for about a month so I thought she would be pumped. On her actual half birthday Mimi Q watched her and Donovan and I asked her if Reese was excited she was 2.5. She proceeded to forward me 2 pictures of Reese laying on her back on the floor with a dirty look on her face and a third (blurry) picture of Reese trying to hit Mimi as she was taking that picture as Reese was also yelling, "No I'm not 2 and a half! I'm just 2!" So don't you worry everyone, she has not lost her spice, even though these next two pictures have her looking like a little angle lady.

Nov 17th: Dono requests I take some pictures of his funny faces as he eats a cookie. Reese gets in on the mix too.

Wed Nov 20th: Reese graduated to a big girl bed! Sort of. Really we just took the side off of her crib. It all came about randomly. I wasn't going to take her out or suggest she get out of her crib until we absolutely had too. She could have taken that thing to college for all I cared. But then Tues night we were on night 3 in a row of her standing in her crib before bed and asking me to let her sleep "in yours bed for a widdle bit". So instead of night 3 of her fussing when I said no, I offered to take the side off of the crib, thus giving her a big girl bed, if she could show us how she slept in her crib well that night. Well that got her to lay down in a hurry and Wed morning the first thing she said to me when I went to get her out of her crib in the morning was how daddy needed to take the side off the crib so she didn't keep bonking her knee. Then Mimi came and the first thing she told her was that she was getting a big girl bed. So we had to follow through. Tom had the side all taken off before we got home and I asked him if she was excited when he did that and he said she was pretty underwhelmed because she realized it was still her crib, just with one less wall.  But she did well that night and stayed in her bed and called for me in the morning. Then Thurs we got a toddler bed for her from my co-worker which she has been sleeping in since daddy put it together on Friday. So far, that has been interesting. On Sat she realized she could get out of the bed any ol' time she wanted to I went in to see that she had gotten herself some of her hair clips and made a little pile in her bed sometime before or after she was supposed to be napping. Then last night she flat out refused to sleep in there so she slept in Donovan's bed by herself since Donovan has been sleeping on his sleeping bag on his floor for the past week (his idea, his choice). Tonight we heard something on the monitor (we are dinosaurs and don't have the camera monitors) so I walked into her room and she had turned her lamp on and was up walking around her room. So it will be a work in progress. We have plans to paint the toddler bed and make her room a big girl room with owl decorations. Owls were her choice over kitties even! Hopefully it will be cute and will make her want to stay in her bed more. These pictures are from her first night in the big girl bed.

Thursday Nov 21: Donovan got his first black eye! Tom had a roller hockey game so the kids and I went to go watch. Dono went to go play hockey with other kids actually. One of the other kids he was playing with ended up getting him above his eye with his hockey stick and gave it a good cut. It bled that night but has been overall fine since. He was upset about it that night as it really was hurting him but the next morning he popped up in my bed and said, "Mom, look at my tough eye!" We really tried to play it up that he would look tough just like the real hockey guys the night it happened so that he wouldn't get upset so I guess it finally sunk in a little. Here was my 2 best attempts to get it on camera.

And this is just my adorable little lady. Speaking of injuries, she did a face plant into the side of our marble bath tub the other night as she was getting out and ended up chipping one of her two front teeth. It was just a tiny bit so you can't tell unless I point it out but it was a chip non-the less. Donovan asked if she was going to get a dollar from the tooth fairy since she lost her first tooth. I told him you have to lose the whole tooth before the tooth fairy visits.

Again, I cannot believe how old she looks in the above picture. 

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