Wednesday, April 20, 2011

2nd Birthday party

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Last week Donovan and mommy (me) came down with a cold (which I am still fighting) and this past weekend we celebrated Donovan's second birthday with a party with some of our family and friends. We tried to keep it small this year since I am very pregnant and we have lots of other stuff to do, but it just seemed as big as last years after all. My parents got to come in town for the celebration which was nice, and other than it being a little chilly that day, the weather cooperated nicely. Donovan was still napping as people arrived so he was a little surprised when he woke up that there were so many people here. After he saw his Bammies were there though he warmed right up and had a great time the rest of the day. Here are some of the photo highlights of the day.

Opening presents. He was very happy with all the presents he got and still is saying "Presents?". Sorry buddy, you opened them all. He needed help with the wrapping paper but the presents in bags he did well getting out. These are his new mickey mouse summer jammies he has already tried out. He loves them!

New Blues chair.

You can barely see it in this picture but he got about a dozen rubber duckies in hockey attire and tried to hold most of them during the opening of the presents. I guess he was making sure he didn't have to share them.

Taking a break from opening with his new pillow pet "Cardinals" as he calls it.

Reading a card with mommy.

Ian checking out the new set of wheels Dono got from his Q grandparents. He is gonna score so many chicks with that car.

The other new set of wheels he got from his B grandparents. This boy is styling.

Donovan recently got really into birthdays: watching his video's from his first, practicing blowing out birthday candles on a leap frog birthday cake, and singing "Happy birthday". He got to help his Auntie Jenna blow out her candles last month and loved every second of us singing to her. I knew he would be so happy when it came time to sing to him, and he did not disappoint. His face lit up and was the epitome of joy. We had to sing to him twice due to my sister not having the video tape recording the first time, but I think it was for the best because he soaked every second up. Both times he blew out the candle right away (two tries the first round, one the second) and pretended to hide for a second or two during the song. The pictures of it are first, and the video last.

I could watch this video a million times and not get sick of it. He is just too dang cute.

You have to click on the title of the video and watch it on the youtube window otherwise you can't see Donovan.

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  1. " Oh My Goodness". That is adorable. Don't think I have ever seen a child smile & enjoy the entire song. He's the best!