Saturday, April 23, 2011


Donovan turned two yesterday and we had a great, low key day! I walked in to Donovan's room in the morning and instead of saying "Good morning" like I normally do I said "Happy birthday Donovan" to which he responded "Presents?". I had to break it to him that we opened most of his presents at his party and he took it like a champ. Dono's best friend Ian and Ian's mommy came over for an after noon play time and the boys had a blast playing in the basement, eating lunch and then taking a bath together. I wonder if this is the last year 2 boys in a bath will be no big deal. This was the first time in a while that we hung out Ian (not counting both of their b-day parties last week) and it was nice to see how they interacted. Dono did really well sharing his toys with Ian and when they were eating lunch next to each other Donovan was cracking Ian up. He would lean over to him and say "Wokka, Wokka" and Ian and him would giggle giggle giggle. Then they played hide and seek at the table and made each other laugh. It is so fun that they are getting older.

Dono and Ian at their lunch date.

Then after a short 1 hour nap (thanks for that Dono) we played until daddy got home, at which time Dono and daddy went across the street to play with Dono's "buddies". Tyler and Trevor are Donovan's best buddies, and they all call each other that too, it is adorable. It is wonderful because we love Tyler and Trevor's parents and they have a great front yard with lots of fun toys so if it is nice outside, there is a good chance we are over there playing. After playing Auntie Jenna and her boyfriend "Why-nan" (Ryan) came over and played. Then Dono's buddies came over and we had a pizza and playing night before more cake and ice cream. Donovan loved being sung too again so his night was perfect!

Dono and his buddies. Trevor (3.5 yo) on left and Tyler (20 months old) on right.

We go to the doctor on Tues for Donovan's well visit so I will put all his 2 year old stats and what he is up to on a post with all his health info once I know it all.

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