Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picture catch up

Friday May 13th:
Honorary "Aunt" Michelle visiting in the hospital.
Uncle Nick and his girlfriend Anna meeting Reese for the first time. Anna was nice enough to share her birthday with Reese.
Mommy and Miss Reese snuggling.
Saturday May 14th:
Pretty girl sleeping at the hospital.
This was the second time Donovan met Reese. As soon as he came in the room and saw her he started reaching for her and requested to "Hold the baby". So he did. And it was adorable. And of course he had spotters.

Auntie Zenna, Dono and Grammie B. They were checking out Grammie B's I-pad.
Sunday May 15th:
Daddy and daughter right before the hospital check out.
Dono at home with his new shirt. It was made by our family friend for his birthday. It has tattoo sleeves.
Donovan and his friend Claire. They had such a fabulous time running around and playing together. We will have to get together with them much more often after I saw how great they got along.
Donovan giving Claire a tackle hug.
Donovan showing off his big muscles with his cool tattoos.
Monday May 16th:
First bath. Obviously not a fan. She has gotten one more since and the reaction was the same. I can't wait for her belly button to fall off so we can do a real bath.

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