Saturday, May 14, 2011

She is here!


Reese Jacqueline was born yesterday, May 13th 2011 at 6:55am. She was 8lbs 1oz (the exact same as her big brother was when he was born), is 21 inches long and had a 14 inch head circumference.

Although we were both predicting she would be a girl, we were both shocked she actually was! Tom was so surprised/confused that when it came time to announce her sex he hesitated so long that I was the one that said "It's a girl!". We are overjoyed that she has chosen us as her parents. We could not love her more. Donovan has been a great big brother so far, he actually asked to hold her first thing today when he came to visit (he came to the hospital yesterday and met her).

Both Reese and I are doing well. This labor was longer than my last but my recovery has been much, much easier. Reese is a champion eater and pooper. Two things you definitely want your baby to be good at. She was pretty laid back until today when she is showing some of her brother's characteristic baby fussiness associated with not being a)held all the time and/or b)not having a nipple in her mouth at all times. This time we are more experienced parents so she will not be able to get away with as much as her big brother did.

Anyways, onto more pictures. These are mostly of labor and right after delivery. I just sent Tom home to be with Donovan tonight so Reese and I are on our own so more pictures from the rest of our hospital stay will have to wait for another time. Thanks for all of the prayers and well wishes!

Beginning of the induction, still feeling good.
Waiting for the doctor to come to have our baby!
Our very own little girl! You can't see it well in this picture but as soon as her head came out, she stuck out her tongue until the rest of her body delivered. Silly.

Giving Reese her first of many kisses.

Sunbathing under the warmer. So pretty and pink.
She was such an alert baby right away.
So young but already has her daddy wrapped around her finger.
What can I say? I grow them the same size :)

Our birth crew. Sherry, my nurse, was the nurse that trained me in L&D. She is the best!

Hanging out, learning to text with mommy.
Showing daddy what she was doing as she was coming out. (She also had the cord wrapped around her neck two times)
Big brother checking out his sister. So far, he likes her!
"Hold the baby"

Reese was a busy girl and managed to do some shopping on the way out the birth canal. She bought Donovan this Blues jersey which he loves! After he put it on he said and signed "More presents". Oh boy.

Mommy and her firstborn.

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  1. Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl! I'm happy to hear everyone is healthy and doing well. All 4 of you look great!