Friday, August 5, 2011

Big news for the big boy!

Donovan is sleeping in his big boy bed!
Sitting up!

That is what he looked like when he first fell asleep and this is what he looked like after I pulled him down and tuck-tucked him in.

Yesterday my mom was over helping watch the kids so I could run a few errands. That morning when I got Donovan up I laid Reese down in his crib and told him that Reese was going to sleep in the crib soon and he was going to sleep in the big boy bed. Not news to him but I guess he took it to heart. Nothing more was said about it so when nap time came, I was home feeding Reese so my mom was going to put Donovan down. He was in major stall mode so after about 10 minutes she got him to agree to go in the big boy room for book reading. Not 1 minute later I hear her telling him she is going to shut the door and saying goodnight. I was shocked she was out so fast and that the room she was leaving him in was the big boy room! Apparently they got in there and he requested some books and to be tucked in. I had no hope this was going to last, I thought we would hear him playing in there until he decided he had enough and then we would hear yelling for us to come get him, or he would just open the door and come out himself. 5 minutes later we heard him and my mom went in. All he wanted was a book that was out of reach from his spot on the bed. So she gave him that and his milk that was also out of reach and once again left him and shut the door. 5 or 10 minutes later I peek in on him and there he is, bobble heading it and drinking his milk while sleeping sitting straight up. The milk had fallen by the time I grabbed the camera. I could not believe it! Then I was just sure he was going to wake up scared and confused 45 minutes later and that would be the end of nap time. Well I was wrong again because he slept for an hour and 45 minutes! So great.

So then last night we tried again and similar story. He didn't make Tom read 10 books and went to sleep pretty easily. He screamed when Tom started to shut the door because we used to keep his nursery door half open and his big boy room door is either all the way open or all the way shut, so we kept it open and he was fine. We usually hear Donovan wake up and cry once or twice a night but it usually varies on how long and how upset he is. Most times he gets himself back to sleep within a minute or two but some he has to be comforted with a pat and a tuck tuck. We thought last night would be full of those so Tom went to bed early in preparation for dealing with those. There was only one and I went in when I heard him scream around 2 am. I got in there and he was sitting straight up, crying to be tucked in. So I take his blanket to tuck him in and he pops up, stops crying, and kneels on the bed and points to his "Cars" poster we just hung up yesterday that we got from my Aunt and proceeds to point out and name all the characters. In the dark. Wide awake. What a nut. So I tell him it is night time and he needs to lay down, so he does and I tuck him in, kiss him and then go back to bed. Then I was sure I would see him bright and early standing next to my bed. Wrong yet again! I heard him at 8:20, and then again at 8:30 so Reese and I went to go investigate and there he was kneeling on the bed, looking and pointing to his "Cars" poster again. Angel boy had not even got himself out of bed! Today my mother in law watched the kids and she said he requested the crib for a nap, but she thought it was only because it was storming, but she managed to talk him into the big boy bed. And tonight he went to sleep in the big boy bed after only 1 book like a perfect angel again!!!! (Tom even said Donovan requested to go to sleep, he rarely does that).

Tom and I are so proud of him! Had we not been cheap skates or had another crib to borrow we wouldn't have even pushed the issue at all because he loves his crib and NEVER climbed out of it, even though he is plenty big enough. Then we wouldn't have to worry about him wandering around the house or falling out (even though we have bumpers in the big boy bed). I was really starting to sweat it though and was about to put a facebook plea out to anyone who had a crib we could borrow and if that didn't work we were going to have to buy one. I didn't want to have to force Donovan into something he wasn't ready for so we were just going to have to come up with a second crib for his big boy room until he was ready but apparently he is ready. I don't know if it was Reese hanging out in his crib that day that finally made him want to or if my mom just influenced him or what but it is awesome timing. Hopefully he continues to do well and we can put Reese in her crib when she is ready for it. Not after several more months after we find/bought a second crib for her big bro. And big bro he is! What a relief.

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