Friday, October 14, 2011

5 months

Our little lady is 5 months old (as of yesterday) and she is getting to be more and more fun! Here is the latest with her.

Sleeping: We are getting there! Sunday-Monday night she slept through the night for the first official time. Going 8 hours between meals and not getting me up til almost 6am! I slept so hard I hurt my neck and it is still hurting but totally worth it! She is still getting up for one feeding over night but I am not sweating it because it usually isn't until 4 or 5 that she wakes up. No more 1 or 2 am feedings thank the lord. I'm not really going to try to worry about that one feeding until she is eating a bigger solid food diet. Then if she is still waking up we will do some work to try and get her to knock that feeding off. She eats only last time in the 9 to 10 o'clock hour and then goes down. Still is being swaddled but she always breaks out of it at some point and she flips herself on her side or belly as soon as she can. We have another stomach sleeper that is for sure. She takes one big nap a day and 2-3 little 30 min ish ones too depending on the day. We swaddle her for those and then put her in her swing. She usually fights and protests going to sleep in the swing and tries to flip over (she can't, she's strapped in) but if we put her down in the crib awake instead she just gets even madder. So who knows. Our kids just likes us too much to sleep apparently. We are just that cool.

Eating: She is still mediocre at taking the bottle. Here mantra, "Boobies are where it's at". She is getting better with the bottle still and on occasion will take 5 1/2 ounces at a time. She eats about 5-6 times a day. She gets one meal of rice cereal in the late evening and does ok with that. Sometimes she eats it all, sometimes she doesn't but we still have time so we aren't forcing the issue. Last night I got an unexpected package from my Aunt. She bought us a baby bullet, a baby food making system and I could not be more excited! I had entertained the idea for making Reese's food before she was even born but I never got a blender or anything to actually do it so I was probably going to just buy her food. Well not now! It even comes with a schedule of when to do what and how much to put in the fridge and how much to put in the freezer. So cool. Anyways, to say I am excited is an understatement. And Donovan was too. He said "Let's do it mommy!" about 25 times as we were opening the package and I was telling him what it is. He will be my food making partner I feel.

Activity: Reese loves being as mobile as she is but is ready to walk. Or so she thinks. I try to have her practice sitting in front of me and she straightens those legs so she can stand, or at least roll. She is going to sit around 11 months at this rate. She loves to roll, roll, roll and is really good at it. She can also pivot around so she is facing the exact opposite way you set her down about a minute after you set her down. So she can get most places she wants already. Which means we have to be diligent about making sure brother's toys are appropriate if they are within rolling range. She can reach for toys she wants and her parkinson's like hands have steadied out very much. She graps pretty strong and is playing more and more with the toys on the front of her jumperoo, which she still loves. She also is pushing up when on her stomach so much that her whole upper body is off the floor to her belly button. And she gets up on her knees but when she does that her head is buried in the floor so it is never at the same times as her upper body. She is still such a lover and laugher. Mostly a very happy and flirty baby, save for when she is going down for a nap. We went to a birthday party at a bounce house last weekend and there were so many strangers oohing and aahing over her. I almost had to physically move one woman who was in her face. Ohh, the problems of having a gorgeous daughter. :) I am slightly worried about her teenage years already though. Reese loves to be tickled or soothed by kissing or rubbing your nose or lips on her neck. Calms her down to near coma like happiness. She smiles and squints her eyes and even gives you good belly laughs. So I am worried about how many times we are going to catch her talking the boys into "necking" with her (yes I realize no one but grandparents use that word, but I just did so it's cool again now). In other words I think she knows her name because she looks when you call her. Could be a coincidence but I think not. Also still likes baths. She just sits and smiles and eats her hands. No splashing or kicking, she prefers to relax. Ok thats all for now. On to the cuteness.

Testing out the jumper at Grammie Q's house.
More pictures from the 5 month photo shoot. Snuggles from daddy.

This is how she looks a lot lately, sucking on her bottom lip.
Or like this..... pursing her lips together and blowing raspberries.
Watching TV with her daddy.

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