Monday, October 31, 2011

1st trick-or-treating adventure

Tonight was our first trick-or-treating experience with Donovan as well as Reese's first Halloween. I was so worried (as in, had butterflies in my tummy all day) that Donovan would not keep his costume on and would not want to Trick-or-treat and we had his friend Ian coming over so it was kind of a big deal. Well all my days and weeks and months of getting him excited worked because homeboy put his costume on, wore it the whole time without whining (there was lots of pulling at the neck but that's to be expected from him) and was so adorable trick-or-treating! A total success! Ian and Dono were both Thomas the Tank engine and we pulled them around in a wagon and they would get out at every house and say "Trick-or-treat!". They were so pumped that they got candy, Donovan thought he needed to eat it as he got it but I had to nix that at the first house. I was so proud of how polite he was and by the end they were saying "Happy Halloween!" to the people too. We probably made it to about 15 houses then the boys wanted to go home and play....Thomas the Tank engine. Reese did awesome too. Awake and happy the whole trip. We had three outfit options for her. We settled on a Dragon and then had to do the chicken for photo's later anyways. All in all a total success. Good weather, good friends and family. I can't wait for next year already!

Before we left the house.
On the way to get the candy!
Most of the gang. (There was a pack of us)
Waiting patiently.
Kids after we got home and after Ian left with the pumpkins we carved last night. Believe it or not this was the best picture of the two of them.
Auntie Jenna did the STL (in tribute to the recent world camps) and Tom did Mickey (since Donovan watches approximately 26 hours of Mickey Mouse club house a day).
Reese's back up outfit. Really just wanted the photo to compare to her brother.

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