Sunday, January 8, 2012


New years eve we had our friends Maria, Tom and Claire over for the night. I worked that day but got off early so instead of starting the party after I got home at 8pm, we got to start it when our guests came at 6. The kids were adorable together. Donovan and Claire get along so well and even played downstairs by themselves for a little bit (although Donovan was not to sure about that idea). They also spent a good amount of time standing against the door in the kitchen, counting to random numbers together, and then racing around the living and dining room, back to the kitchen door. Donovan even had his first friend sleepover- sort of. Claire slept in a sleeping bag on his floor until Maria and Tom took her home at 1am. Us adults had a great time too, lots of good adult conversation time. The next morning it was pretty cute, when Donovan woke up the next morning he popped up and the first thing he did was look on his floor and say "Claire!" They love each other.

The highlight of the night was when Donovan and Claire danced together. Tom O. told them to go dance and he said to Donovan, "You be the prince and Claire will be the princess." I figured Donovan wouldn't know what that meant because there aren't a lot of princes in books and shows about trucks and trains but it didn't matter because either way, he told Claire "I'm the prince and you are the princess" several times.

This is the prince and princess waiting for their music ("tale as old as time" from beauty and the beast) to begin.Claire twirled herself.

Once again, when Donovan and Claire were holding hands I over heard him saying "This is adorable."

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