Sunday, January 29, 2012

Update from the past week

So my goal is to blog at least once a week, so here it is. This week was busy, with Donovan's first week at school. He did very well. No tears from either of us the first day drop off, or any of the following days for that matter. Tom did call to check on him that first day and the teacher said he was doing well and she was scratching his back to get him to sleep. She said he had had a few times where he had this piercing scream, one that she mentioned was "very piercing" again when I picked him up that night. You know your child is loud when the teacher of 10 plus years of many, many kids is particularly surprised at the decibel your sons scream can reach. Poor guy. He also had pooped in his pants twice that first day. Lovely first impression. Overall though, he did very well for his first ever day at school by himself. The next day, he did very well, had no accidents and when I went to get him to go home, they were outside playing and he looked at me and looked away and just kept on playing. That turd. 10 minutes later I had to practically drag him to the car. Then Thursday he had another good day. They are learning about China in his class last week so I asked him what he was learning about at school and he said "We're learning about China!" I said, "You are? What did you learn about China?" and he said "He put his jacket on." So apparently China is a boy in his class (not really). He did tell me that they made fans and put them in the hall way, which was true. I told him Thursday when he told me once again that China put his jacket on, that China wasn't a boy but a big country. So friday when I got home from work he told me, "China is country" and I said "It is?" and he replied, "Yeah, he is really big!" Baby steps.

Anyways I thought Donovan was handling this transition so well until a few nights ago when he started refusing to sleep in his own bed. Wed and Thurs he fell asleep in our bed, then Tom carried him to bed in his. Then Friday, nothing, no complaining, perfect. Then Saturday came and all hell broke loose. Two hours after we started the sleep process he was finally asleep. I finally had to lay in bed with him and restrain him by basically bear hugging him as he screamed things like "GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME! I DON'T LIKE THIS! STOP TOUCHING ME! PUT YOUR GLASSES ON! (he tells us to take our glasses off when he wants us to lay down and sleep with him) DON'T SCRATCH MY BACK! I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP IN MY BED!" Nothing makes you feel worse as a parent then hearing your kid yell those things and know that what you are doing is causing him to say that. But we were out of options, trust me, we tried it all. So after thinking about it, I think that this is how he is breaking down a little bit with all the big changes, from the schedule, to the school, to me working more, to potty training, it is a lot for one little guy to handle. Today was much of the same but not as long or as severe for both the nap and the night time. Hopefully it will keep going this way because it takes it out of you when you have to spend an hour plus convincing your kid to a) go to bed and b)go to bed in his own bed and c)do it without you in bed with him. We used to look forward to 8pm, now we dread it. Plus that is our time to get things done so if we are spending it fighting with him, there goes the whole house. Fingers crossed. That being said, I am exhausted and I need to go to bed. Here are some pics from the last week.

Thank God for Reese this past week. She has been such a joy. Such a good girl and so happy. Definitely a balance to her brother's crazy. Her latest love is banging on the computer. See how happy it makes her? (I can hear my dad cringing right now after reading those last two sentences)

Bang bang bang.

Another love of her and brother's right now is playing the guitar.

My mom watched Reese this week as her sitter's kid was sick, and Grandma took Reese for a walk.

Today was nice again so we spent some time playing outside. Reese got to put some shoes to good use for the first time ever.

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