Monday, June 18, 2012

Butterfly house

Two Sundays ago Tom and I took the kids to the butterfly house, another thing to scratch off the list of things I wanted to do with Donovan when he was 3! We had a great time, that is after Donovan was convinced that the butterflies would not eat him. "They gonna eat me all up?" "No, they aren't going to eat you at all." Reese was super brave and would have tried to grab them had we not been on super high alert with her. All in all, a great success!

Reese trying to get a butterfly. You can see the one she was going for just out of her reach, flying to safety.

About as relaxed of a smile as we were going to get with Donovan posing near a butterfly.

Dono was helping feed his sister. She doesn't really need help but she took it just the same.

Donovan even helped push Reese for a while. He still pointed out the sights to her so she didn't miss anything.

Reese's face that Tom liked so much. We were watching a butterfly come out of his chrysalis.

After the butterfly house, we played on the playground for a little before Donovan realized that there was the carousel. So we ventured to the carousel and our children loved it so much. See, can't you tell from their faces?

(Not a happy face but a getting ready to thrash around and scream one).

Both weirdos wanted nothing to do with the cool horses that go up and down. Or the horses that don't go up and down. They wanted to sit in the most boring place possible. Then Reese proceeded to fuss and cry and try to get down and run around the whole time. I thought about offering to pay for everyone else who riding with us to go another round after we got off but then I realized I am not made of money and some days it's your kid screaming, and some days it's not.

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