Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween 2012

This year's Halloween was a crazy one. First off, it was on a Wednesday. That in itself, was hectic enough. It should be a work holiday or held on a Saturday or Sunday as far as I am concerned. Second, our little friend Ian, who we were going to go trick-or-treating with, got sick so we had to find alternate plans. Third, the alternate plans we did join was in a subdivision with the most kids I have ever seen. So while we had a great time, we are committing to staying home, and trick or treating in our own subdivision next year, complete with fire pit in the driveway. Anyone who wants to come over can, but we will not be going anywhere.

Without further ado...the pictures.

Dono and his best bud Trevor. They were both Spiderman. (In fact, Trevor is the reason Donovan wanted to be spiderman.)

Just a portion of the large pack of kids that we went around with.

Aunt Anna and Uncle Nick came over to spend some time with the kids and they dressed up! I was not expecting that! Unfortunately our camera was acting up when we tried to take some pictures of them with the kids, so this was the best one I got. Reese was not in this one as she was doing her one year old thing and pitching a fit since I wasn't holding her. Nick and Anna were definitely the highlight of the night!

Reese really liked trick-or-treating overall. She mostly wanted to be on my hip and have me do all the work. She thought she had to eat every piece of candy as she got it but eventually she couldn't keep up, so we actually got to go home with some. She especially liked the sucker! She would tell people "thank you" after she got the candy, as we were walking away, and right out of ear shot. At least she was trying.

And last but not least, here are some pictures of our little pumpkin, posing by our carved pumpkin. She was having naked time and could not be bothered to put on clothes. And when you see her that happy, you don't really want to make her either.

Happy Halloween 2012! Love the Qs!

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