Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pictures from Oct 27th

Last Saturday we had the reception for Nick and Anna (Tom's brother and his new wife). We risked it and took the kids and they did pretty dang good. We didn't last the whole time but there were no fits or meltdowns (until Reese got to the car) which makes it a win for us! We were all dressed nice so I wanted to get some cute pictures of our family. Turns out, after your kids are asked to sit and behave for almost 3 hours they get a little antsy and do not sit or listen well for pictures. Here is what we got:

Donovan was streaking around trying to get all his energy out and ran in front of us as we were getting our picture taken. Tom managed to snap this beaut. It is my favorite picture of the night.

This is the one and only picture of Tom and Reese we were able to get. She had had it at this time.

When I was changing into regular clothes after the photo shoot, Reese was in the bathroom with me and was being a bother. So I gave her some lipstick to play with and showed her how to put it on. Well she loves lipstick it turns out. She put it on multiple times that night and multiple times several other nights. She would motion her putting on lipstick and ask for "stick". Here is my pretty princess. (wearing my necklace too).

Getting pushed around in a laundry basket must be one of the most fun things in the world. Never gets old.

Lipstick round number 2 of the night. And a dirty look to round out the ensemble.

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