Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Holiday Rundown- part 2

So our Christmas morning was not exactly what I had been hoping and dreaming it would be. I slept in and expected to be woken up with Dono squealing about all of the presents and yanking me out of bed. Instead that poor boy had to be woken up and then he looked so pathetic and didn't really even acknowledge the presents. That's when I really knew he wasn't feeling good. But like a trooper the kid asked for breakfast and shook as he choked down a quarter of an English muffin. Which he then promptly threw up 5 minutes later. Luckily the kid rallied after that and was perky enough that he opened up his presents. He even played for a little bit with his new car track after the opening was over but had round #2 of the upset tummies so we made a call to the grandparents to fill them in on what was going on as we were supposed to go to their house for my side of the family's gift exchange. Luckily they were able to pack up the car and move the present exchange to our house to accommodate our sick boy (they were hosting the whole B family side later in the afternoon).

So we had our little family exchange, put the kids down for naps and Reese and I headed over to my parents to do the bigger family get together. When Dono got up later he wanted to go to so Tom brought him a little later. The kid did pretty good but got tired pretty quick so he didn't make it a long day. So not exactly the Christmas I had in mind but overall still a good one. I'll start saying prayers for a healthy Christmas 2013 now.

Our annual Christmas morning footie pj picture. We could not get Reese to do anything but this weird grimace. 

We only took video of opening presents with just the kids and Aunt Jenna. These pictures are from when my parents made it over. Dono showing off his big ol' present (a fishing pole).

Reese opening a joint, big ol' present.

Reese had gotten this super soft Elmo hoodie earlier in the morning and was very excited about showing it off.

Donovan's Christmas can be summed up in 1 word: Cars. As in hot wheels. He got 52 of them, no joke. He could have gotten more. He loves them.

Managing a smile even though he was feeling under the weather.

Riding her new neigh-neigh.

New animal puppets.

Pictures from Grandmas and Grandpa's house. Both kids love the train that my parents have under the tree.

He felt so crummy that he just laid on the ground and watched it for a little while.

Donovan did manage to save enough energy to "help" everyone who had a present to open it. I mean every single person.
Even if they didn't necessarily want it :)

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