Sunday, February 17, 2013

Photo dump

Ms. Amanda sent this one to me a couple weeks ago. One of my all time favorite pictures of Reese. She looks so grown up in it. I think it is the head tilt.

And this is how you rip the fabric on the toy baby stroller and make fun memories all at the same time.

Sometimes spidey needs to eat.

Feeding her horsie.

Post nap hang out with Nick.

Best 1yr old fish face. 

Funny face with during bath time with nick.

She just decided to pull one arm out of her shirt one night at dinner.

And then she celebrated her silliness with a gloating max and relax pose.

Cheesing during our family breakfast at Panera.

After our family breakfast we did some family grocery shopping, complete with mini carts.

Hanging with Ian man for the super bowl party, 3 and 1 yr old style.

I think Grammie Q was telling a hilarious joke here.

Testing out the suit to prepare for the upcoming swimming season.
This is my big 1 yr old. Her brother, wants nothing to do with putting on his clothes (he can do it, did it all last night, including those tricky socks, he just chooses not to most days). Reese, wants to do it all. And shirts go on over your feet. Do not tell her otherwise.

Thats one way to put on a shirt.

Shirt success! And pants go on your head.

Modeling her Mardi Gras crown Grammie Q made her.
I come down stairs 60 seconds after the kids this morning and I walk right past Reese, and I hear her say, "Mommy, take off cap. Mommy, take off cap." I look down and she has our (expensive) camera in her hands and strap around her neck. Budding little photographer.

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