Sunday, February 3, 2013


So since my last blog we have been a little busy. Here is the rundown: Tom has been to New Hampshire and back for a work trip, I have had 3 work functions (ok fine, one was a happy hour), tom had a night of hockey, Tom and Dono went to "Sesame Street Live", Dono went to a train show with my parents, Tom dono and my dad went to the monster truck jam last night and we went to our friends house tonight for a super bowl hang out. So we have been busy having fun bottom line. Here are some pictures from the past week and a half.

Sesame Street Live: Verdict- Donovan liked it ok but doesn't want to go see it again. Next time we will take sister instead. She would love it.

Kid would not take a regular picture (except the first with his dad) at the show.
Tom plays on a roller hockey team every week. He had a mini jersey made for Donovan so he could be just like his daddy and he gave it to Donovan on Friday night. Donovan LOVED it! Took his shirt off and put on the jersey right away and ran down stairs to play hockey.

He still has some growing to do to really fit in it obviously.

Today was a snow day and we went out and played in it. This is my little peanut almost all ready to go play.

These are from last week when my parents took Donovan to a train show.

My parents had to help out this past thursday when Tom and I were both busy after work. This was bath time fun.

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