Sunday, September 30, 2012

Random updates on the kids

-I can't remember if I mentioned it but Reese has 8 teeth now. Big stuff.

-Reese is going to be an owl for Halloween and Donovan is going to be spider man. They both have their outfits already and they are the cutest.

-At Donovan's school they asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and this  was his response:
He wants to be a "drive a van to a train show." So is that a taxi driver or a dad???? I have no idea.

-Somehow, sometime about a month ago, as we walk out the door after telling Donovan "good night" he started responding, "Have a good night! I hope you eat lucky charms!"  He doesn't say it every night, usually just when he is being playful. Sometimes he switches it up a bit and tells us, "I hope you eat lucky charms, with poo poo!" or "I hope you eat lucky charms...just the marshmallows!"

-Reese is very independent when it comes to bed time. She rarely drinks her sippy of milk in your arms or wants to snuggle with you at all. She wants to read 40 books, then go directly to her crib to drink her milk on her own. This isn't saying she goes willingly every time, but gone are the days when I got to snuggle with her and have her look longingly at me while she drinks her milk. Oh and also daddy is way better at putting her down than I am (he puts a kibosh on the 40 books while I can't) so it is usually his job now.

-Reese is also slowly transitioning to 1 nap a day. One tiny, barely longer than one of her regular 1 of 2 naps, but a solitary nap none-the-less. During the week she usually takes two but this weekend she took one wimpy one both days (which equals a real (read: not at all) fun Reese by the time dinner time comes around).

-I don't think I ever mentioned this but I want to because I am really proud of it: Donovan can spell his first name and has been able to for the past couple months at least. I credit his embroidered pillow for teaching him.

-Donovan is working on counting to 20, or really 13-16. All the others he has down. His toddler speech impediment is making it really hard because his 13s and 14s sound exactly the same so it is hard to correct him as we are never sure if he is saying 13 or 14. It confuses him to. One time when we were going over 13 and 14 he finally said, "Why there two fourteens?" So we are still dealing with that. It seems like he has figured it out a little, either that or he is just saying 14 twice, then going on to 15. Once he gets past 16 he is in the clear. Once you start him in the 20s and 30s, he can tell you the whole line of them too. Pretty fun stuff!

-When Reese wants something she says, "Uhhh (fill in the blank)". As in, "Uhhh, chooo chooo" when she wants to watch Thomas the Tank engine on TV. "Uhh yi yo" is what she says when she wants the I-pad. She calls it "yi yo" because she used to play "E-I-E-I-O" on it non-stop. Speaking of I-pad, we are starting to have to limit her time on there. She wants to play it all the time. Or at least more than we want her to. She is pretty good with it. She knows how to turn it on, swipe it to unlock it, and she knows exactly what folder the games she wants are in. Her latest love is "Toca Band". Look it up if you have a toddler, although Tom and I go around singing it all day so don't say I didn't warn you.

-My favorite thing that Reese says right now is "Thank you". It doesn't sound exactly like that but you know what she's saying when she says it. And she says it unprompted all the time too, at the appropriate time. She also nods her head and says "yeah" or a very firm "no" when she does or does not want something. It makes life easier the more and more she can communicate with us.

-Reese ate part of a foam toy today at Target that I had no intention of buying. She owes me 6$.

-Donovan was really jealous of all of Reese's footie pjs so I had to buy him a bunch of his own. But not before his daddy mentioned that he could sew some socks onto Donovan's cardinal onsie (footie less) jammies. So now Donovan has that in his head.

-Both kids got to be taken out of Kohl's today kicking and screaming, by Tom and I stayed behind to pay. I was about 30 feet behind them and I got to hear all the old ladies in line (that Tom had to pass) smiling, laughing and shaking their heads saying, "Been there!"

- Donovan helped me kill about 10 flies today (that the bachelor boys let in the house yesterday). He would help me spot them and then when I killed one he would yell and congratulate me and go and tell daddy excitedly.

-Donovan has more mosquito bites than anyone I know. Today we were talking about them and he told me, "maybe they bit me because they thought I was a big piece of corn." Because Mosquitos like corn. According to Dono, they also like grapes. FYI.

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