Sunday, March 3, 2013

All things monster truck

The current Donovan obsession is monster trucks. It has been since a little before Christmas.  Tom and I heard that the monster truck show was coming to town on Feb 2nd so we got Donovan tickets but didn't tell him he was going until the day of as we did not think that he would sleep if he knew a head of time. My dad took Donovan to see one of the monster trucks the day before the truck show at a local car dealer. It ended up being kind of a bust as they didn't even get the truck off the trailer it was being transported in and the big wheels weren't on it, so my dad took Dono to a different place where they have Big foot five (or was it six? I don't know and I can't ask Dono as he is napping but he would know) and that was a hit. He still talks about it.

These are the pictures of Big foot and the other monster truck.

This is Dono posing with his singed picture of the "Barbarian" from the driver. And that is the Barbarian behind him in the truck.

I love this picture. Such a little squirt.
Tom and my dad took Dono to the truck show the next night. Dono loved it but did end up asking to leave early as it was pretty long and he was tired.

Tom said Donovan did not like this guy. He was sitting in his own seat til this beast came out. Then he was all scared and asked Tom, "Can that thing fly?" Poor guy thought it was coming for him.

He is already talking about going next year, "when I'm four and a half." We have monster trucks almost daily and often watch monster truck videos on line. Who knew we would be such hoosiers at heart?

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