Sunday, March 17, 2013

The adventures of Spidergirl

This is just a random post with random pictures of my Reesie poo. I just love this little bug and thought she needed a special blog to show her little spitfire of a personality.

This is Reese hanging in her brothers Halloween costume. Because what little girl doesn't want to dress like a  superhero on occasion.
Feet were a little long so we had to do some rolling. 

Tom's mom took this picture one day during her nap to show how many "guys" were sleeping with her. She has a rotating group with the main stays being her multiple kitties. This particular day she was uber crabby so Donovan donated his Happy Feet penguin to her to see if that would make her happy. He told us that she was crying so much "She was giving me a headache." I am sure he was right. Sometimes, being almost 2, having a cold and teething is just too much for one little lady to handle.

Reese showing off her new/gently used tutu. She loves it, I love her. 

This is one of my favorite/saddest pictures of late. This is a heartbroken Reese. What was the cause of the heartbreak? Donovan wanted a turn in her swing at grammie Q's house. That swing makes her so dang happy. She was the one that had the idea that Pawpaw should hang it in the storage area in their basement so that she could swing in the cold weather. Maybe because it was her idea, she thinks that she is the only one that should be able to swing in it. Grammie says it is all she wants to do. She does it so much that the ropes she holds on to have started to hurt her hands. Instead of swinging less, she did some trouble shooting and discovered that if he held her nigh-night (blankie) in her hands and then held the rope, her hands wouldn't hurt.

Look how happy this girl is. No wonder grammie will push her for hours on the days Reese is at her house.

This is what I found one day when Reese was playing in my bathroom unsupervised. She found the Vaseline that we use to put on her cheeks when they get chapped and she put " a little bit" on (that's what she told me). Visible chunks of Vaseline hanging off of your face is a little more than a "little bit" I would say.

Reese trying to be like a big girl. She rarely does anything on here but it is not for lack of trying. (and don't you dare suggest she try going on the little kid potty. Those things are for babies)

This is Reese eating Taco Bell mild sauce straight out of the packet. I knew she was my child!

This is Reese at 7am this past Tuesday while I was getting ready for work. I love how this kid marches to the beat of her own awesome drum. This picture sums her up perfectly. Doing her own thing and loving it. And I love her for it.

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