Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter fun

What a gorgeous day! We hit the jackpot for weather this Easter and had a wonderful day all around. Only thing missing was my parents, who are returning from their vacay. Here are some of our fun Easter times. 

Last night we decorated our eggs. Dono did awesome and was very gentle getting the eggs in and out of the colors. Reese, well, she was her 1 yo self. Crazy as usual.

Zoom in on Reese's face if you can on this one. This is how she  kisses us every night.

Dono thought the eggs looked so good he ate 2 right away after he finished decorating them!  He also ate the   yolk with the first egg and then took a couple bites with the second and then declared that he didn't like "the yellow part." Then he told me he would like the yolk when he was 4. So next month then.

This morning the kids were up bright and early at 7. So excited for our fun day ahead.

Reese got some princess sunglasses because she only has one pair and always wears her brothers glasses, as she dances "opa style" around the house. Dono decided he wanted to try out her new glasses. What do you know, they fit him perfect.

A little before 10 we made it to Tom's parent's house where the kids (im)patiently waited for the other big kids to get there so they could do the easter egg hunt.  The baskets still had their booty in them so they had to use Target bags to put the eggs in. We called them "hoosier baskets".

This was the crowd that was watching all the action.

My cuties.

Some of our family friends, who have a little older children, came over and were playing with the kids in the afternoon. They went to the playground and on the way back Donovan was running with the girl, Sophia, when they tripped each other up and Dono took a face first tumble. So he finished his Easter looking like this.

And Reese finished her Easter looking like this. Hanging in her dad's car, playing, with a Natty (Natural light beer) hat on. She's classy everyone.

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