Monday, June 29, 2009

Bath play time and jumperoo

After our bath the other night, we filled up the tub and let Donovan hang out in the Bumbo in the water since he seems to like being in the water/getting bathed so much. He thought it was an o.k. time, however we kinda ran out of hot water at the end so I think he would have appreciated some warmer water to play in. I had to hold the bumbo down as it has huge air pockets underneath and otherwise it would have floated and tipped Donovan out. I think he will enjoy it more as he gets older and starts to splash around in the water. We will try again and see how he likes it when the water isn't so shrinkage inducing (hehe, a Seinfeld reference for all you fans).

Donovan also seems to be liking his jumperoo much more nowadays. It is so cute seeing him bounce around in there with his little feet and his ginormous thighs. He does, however, have a breaking point as you will see from the following pictures. He only likes the jumperoo for so long.
Liking it.
Still liking it.
Get me outta here!

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